Ceramic tiles

The production of our ceramic tiles is very time-consuming. Every single tile is hand-made from the beginning; even modelling of the form is made by hand. The tiles are fired three times in special ceramic ovens at a temperature of about 1000 degrees Celsius and are glazed afterwards. This production process guarantees durability at all weather conditions, even frost. The materials used during the production process as well as the applied technology guarantees quality on highest standard and with passion for detail.

We offer various tile designs. Furthermore we are able to produce individual tiles based on customers' requests. Please note the adjourn of delivery of individually produced tiles due to the long and complicated production process.

Ceramic tiles Ceramic tiles

Tiles are decorated with the use of ceramic decal

Tiles are decorated with the use of ceramic decal which is fired at high temperature. Frost-resistant tiles are suitable to be used at any weather conditions. The idea of the product that so far was sold only in the USA is very simple. You place the tiles in the wooden or metal frame which you hang on the wall not permanently attach as in case of traditional house number tiles.
Decorational tiles or numbers can be can be taken out from the fram at any moment – we offer numerous ( houndreds ) of unique and outstanding designes. Your house numer can change depending on the time of the year ( season ), house decoration or even selfeesteam.
Frames can be painted in any color, to matche the woodwork, elevation, decoration.
We are offering seasonals tiles, funny tiles and much, much more. All the projects were prepared by graduate from faculty of Industrial Design and Interior Designa at Strzeminski Academy of Fine Aart in Lodz.
Now it is up to you to decide how your house number should look like, furthermore you can modify it on your own.

Tiles are decorated with the use of ceramic decal Tiles are decorated with the use of ceramic decal Tiles are decorated with the use of ceramic decal

Ceramic plates

Ceramic plate made to order, ready for mounting. Size 8 x 8 inches.
The signboard can decorated with numbers, letters and variety of ornaments available in the store. The possibilities to decorate the signboard are unlimited, each signboard is one of its kind. Pottery firing temperature is 800°C. Depending on your preference, signboard can be mat or glossy, with or without mounting holes..

Ceramic plates Ceramic plates

Mono Tiles

Our absolute export hit – mounted on tens of buildings, mainly in USA and UK. Hand-made ceramic tiles, glazed, with the mounting holes. Ceramic digits are fired in extremely high temperature, fully resistant to all weather conditions. Height of the numbers – 5 inches.

Mono Tiles Mono Tiles

Maxi Tiles

Numbers made in “Decal” technology, fully resistant to all weather conditions. The biggest ceramic tiles in our offer, with 8 inches height they are highly visible even from a few dozen yards. Traditional and modern decorations provide a wide choice, depending on your preference.

Maxi Tiles Maxi Tiles

Anno Domini

In order to meet our clients expectations we have prepared new signboards – “ANNO DOMINI”. On the Polish market it is truly unique and unusual, certainly it will be a great part of commemorating the year in which the house was built.

Anno Domini Anno Domini

Ceramic Hearts

Unique, hand-made decoration – ceramic hearts, perfect for All Saints Day. Frost resistant ceramic, fired in temperature exceeding 1200°C. Each ceramic heart is one of its kind. Available in two different sizes.

Ceramic Hearts Ceramic Hearts

Curved panes

Darüberhinaus produzieren wir seit 1991 gekrümmte Scheiben für Türen und Fenster. Dank der langjährigen Erfahrung, Tradition und der individuellen Vorgehensweise mit den Kunden besitzen wir viele Stammkunden.
Wir bieten Ihnen eine breite Produktpallette mit diversen Größen und Arten der Scheiben. Wir realisieren auch individuelle Bestellungen, die in der Preisliste nicht enthalten sind.

Curved panes Curved panes