About Ceramik System

The company "Ceramik System" was established as an innovative family-run business in 2010. Our carefully chosen assortment allows us to offer a product which is so far not available in Poland - the in the Mediterranean and in Great Britain well known and decorative ceramic tiles.

Tests, discussions and quality assessments lasting for month allowed us to introduce a product, which became a decoration of many polish houses in no time. We solemnly in Poland produce this kind of house numbers, street and family names, which do not only provide some information about the resident but are also both aesthetic and decorative.

Customer enthusiasm encourages us to continuously improve and expand the product range, while maintaining its essence.
Thus, in 2012, we have introduced a completely new product - decal tiles. These tiles, are an interesting alternative to the hand-painted tiles, have expanded our range of house numbers are not yet available in Europe. Proprietary technology and quality immediately gained many supporters in Poland and abroad.

We invite you to get to know our products, we are constantly expanding the gallery and enjoy our online store.

We produce unique tiles - it is up to you to select your favorite!

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